The State of Existence as a Reality

Mademoiselle Jumel
An Unremembered Dream

This journal is brought to you by the Deadliest Cat and the Masked Maverick, the number seven and the letter A. I am currently in transition, from nine-five secretary (excuse me, "Executive Assistant" aka SECRETARY) to a flaky grad student embarking on a an even flakier career path. I love to write, and I love making money while writing, and the best way I have found to do that so far is in the world of fundraising. I am also good at getting people excited about ridiculous things, like new business cards. This is why fundraising is a good field for me. I will also be using my enthusiasm to curb people's depressive, anxious, and other negative mental health tendancies once I get my MA in Expressive Arts Therapy. In my spare time, I like to do things that are bad for me, I like to avoid all housework, I like to pile laundry in corners, and I like to read and watch bad TV. I also like to make up spoofy cartoons that don't exist, like a show about my cat called Deadliest Cat. I also have a lot of hometown pride in my adopted hometown of Worcester, MA.
My journal is friends only but if I don't actually know you, feel free to friend me! I'll check out your journal and probably friend you back. I am not hostile, I just had a bad experience.

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A boxer without a ring is just a guy who hits people.
-- Anonymous